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The Clovis Unified School District is being sued by a student who alleges he was bullied, harassed and physically assaulted last year while on the campus of Clovis West High.

In his lawsuit, filed Tuesday, the student says the attack took place on Sept. 21 inside the boys locker room at Clovis West and in the presence of multiple students.

The alleged assault left him traumatized, in emotional distress and humiliated, according to the lawsuit. He is seeking financial damages and is represented by the Paboojian, Inc. law firm in Fresno.

“Plaintiff was coerced into the boys locker room at Clovis West High School during regularly scheduled school hours. Against his will, Plaintiff was attacked: pinned, his pants were pulled down and he was hit, spanked and digitally penetrated in the anus,” the lawsuit states.


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