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Keith Rickelman

Jerry Molinari

“As a single mother it was a daunting task to try to resolve my case on my own. The kindness, professionalism, and tact Paboojian, Inc. showed in dealing with my case made the whole experience a welcomed relief for me. ”
K. Reitz
“My attorney, Jason Bell, was outstanding! Thank you Jason for all of your hard work, listening to me when I wanted to quit, and getting me a settlement which far-surpassed my expectations.”
Deborah B.
“I’m very thankful for the work Adam Stirrup did in representing me and walking me through the process of obtaining a fair and reasonable settlement with my insurance company over my recent auto accident. I’ll continue recommending him and his firm!”
Ed G.
“Warren Paboojian is a great attorney, very knowledgeable in law and equally excellent in the courtroom. But what separates Warren from others is his caring nature and deep concern with his clients. I got to see that firsthand and will always be grateful for the support he provided during a very challenging season in my life.”
Robert N.
“I recently had the unfortunate incident of being involved in an auto accident which was not my fault and involved injuries to myself and my passengers. It was my first time in having to be in litigation and I was very apprehensive in seeking medical and cost related damages. Warren Paboojian’s office was always very professional, kept in contact with me, responded to phone calls in a timely manner and thoroughly explained the mediation process with me. I highly recommend him, together with his staff, in protecting and defending yourself.”
Laura C.
“I was imagining a nightmare with my legal situation. This was the first time I needed a lawyer, and I really didn’t know what I was doing or what to expect. I can honestly say that it could not have gone any better. Warren Paboojian was incredibly compassionate and him and his staff were very communicative and helpful during the entire process and took time to explain things in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend this firm”
Jaquelyn F.
“It has been a great pleasure working with Mr. Warren Paboojian. He is a wonderful attorney and looks out for the best interests of his clients.”
Gerald C.
“All partners and associates at this firm are wonderful. After submitted an intake questionnaire, I was able to sit down with Mr. Bell, and have a private one on one session to discuss matters discreetly. They were also able to inform me on the best direction for my concerns, and assured me they would be available for any future needs.”
Brandt G.
“I was involved in a personal injury case that Warren Paboojian and Adam Stirrup handled for me. They did a terrific job representing me and my interests over the course of the lengthy and trying ordeal. Warren and Adam were extremely professional, caring, informational and exceedingly diligent. I was very pleased with their efforts and would highly recommend them for navigating future legal needs.”
Brett A.
“Paboojian, Inc. handled my law suit on a personal injury. They kept me informed and answered all questions and concerns that I had. Going through a law suit is very stressful and Warren Paboojian and staff kept me calm and up to date on the status if my case. I highly recommend them. Polite, courteous and understanding. I was happy with the settlement we arrived at.”
Carol P.
“Everyone and everything was wonderful! Great experience. Would recommend anyone to this place if you’re seeking any help. Everyone is friendly, honest, and professional. Service here was awesome!”
Maxee T.
“Mr. Paboojian is a great listener and executes a thoughtful respectable argument. I am lucky to have met him and have him help me. There is no one else I would want to represent me.”
Michael M.
“Very great attorneys to work with throughout everything.”
Bruno F.
“Excellent service from Paboojian, Inc. They were very knowledgeable about my case. I would recommend Paboojian, Inc. highly. ”
A. Turner


$49.8 Million – Merlo v. American Ambulance – Medical Malpractice

$19 Million – Stacy Johnson–Klein v. California State University, Fresno – Employment Case

$10 Million – John Doe v. Jane Doe Corporation – Auto Accident/Personal Injury

$9 Million – Jane Doe & John Doe v. Concrete Pumping Truck Company – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$8 Million – John Doe v. John Doe and John Doe Corporation – Personal Injury

$8 Million – O’Connor v. Landells Aviation – Helicopter Crash/Wrongful Death

$7.9 Million – Ortiz v. Chipotle Mexican Grill – Defamation/Discrimination

$7.5 Million – Ellis v. Bates – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$7.5 Million – John Doe v. Jane Doe – Hospital Medical Malpractice

$7 Million – Jane Does v. Visalia Unified – Child Abuse Case

$6.4 Million – John Doe v. Jane Doe Corporation – Auto Accident/Personal Injury

$5.7 Million – Gil Chavez v. D.R. Horton San Diego – Crane Accident/Spinal Cord Injury

$5.7 Million – Antunez v. JMY Properties I, Inc. – Electrocution/Wrongful Death

$5 Million – Doe v. Visalia Unified School District – Child Abuse

$5 Million – Hudson v. County of Fresno – Wrongful Death

$4.5 Million – Garcia v. Leguizano – Auto Accident/Personal Injury

$4.5 Million – Jane Doe v. John Doe Corporation – Wrongful Death

$4.2 Million – Martin Rodriguez v. Jason Peden – Personal Injury/Spinal Cord Injury

$4.2 Million – John Doe (Minor) v. Trampoline Park – Spinal Cord Injury

$4.0 Million – John Doe (Minor) v. John Doe Corporation – Auto Accident/Wrongful Death

$4.0 Million – Jane Doe v. Big Fresno Fair – Dangerous Conditions

$4.0 Million – Beecher v. Pitman Farms – Products Wrongful Death

$3.8 Million – Mamoru Maseba v. IHS and Sears Logistics Services, Inc. – Auto

$3.7 Million – Jane Doe v. John Doe Corporation – Employment Case

$3.7 Million – John Doe v. Equipment Manufacturer – Products Liability/Personal Injury

$3.2 Million – John Doe v. California Highway Patrol – Personal Injury

$3 Million – Charles Liddell v. Cuesta Title/Stewart Title of California – Escrow Fraud

$3 Million – John Doe v. Jane Doe Corporation – Auto Accident/Personal Injury

$3 Million – Steven Neal v. R-N-R Trucking – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$3 Million – Juan Cabrera v. Western AG & Turf, Inc. – Personal Injury

$2.5 Million – Mallery v. John Doe – Auto Accident/Personal Injury

$2.4 Million – Bush v. TLN, Inc. – Wrongful Death (Largest Wrongful Death Verdict in Madera County)

$2.4 Million – Jane Doe v. Car Manufacturer – Products Liability/Personal Injury

$2.2 Million – John Doe (Minor) v. Property Owner – Personal Injury

$2.2 Million – Diaz v. Arizona Stone and Architectural – Wrongful Death

$2.1 Million – John Doe (Minor) v. John Doe – Wrongful Death

$2.1 Million – Jane Doe (Minor) v. Clovis Unified School District – Child Abuse

$2.0 Million – Jane and John Doe v. L&W Supply DBA Sierra Building Materials – Wrongful Death of 9 year old boy

$1.9 Million – Helmer v. Bingham Toyota| Punitive Damages Awarded – Employment Case

$1.8 Million – Ortiz v. Porterville Cemetery District – Wrongful Death

$1.7 Million – Jane Doe v. Pacific Gas & Electric; Kroeker, Inc. – Wrongful Death

$1.7 Million – John Does v. Jane Doe Corporations – Wrongful Death/Personal Injury

$1.6 Million – Rebecca Carey v. Yeager, Inc. – Automobile Accident/Personal Injury

$1.5 Million – Martinez v. Dr. Scheafer – Medical Malpractice

$1.5 Million – Avila v. Hanford High School – Sexual Abuse of a Student

$1.4 Million – Clark v. Palisades Apartments – Mold Case

$1.2 Million – Thor v. Rodia Helmet – Products Liability/Wrongful Death

$1 Million – Cook v. Kos – Personal Injury

$800,000 ($1.62 Million with attorney fees) – Ordaz v. County of Fresno (2023) – Civil Rights (pretrial offer $7,500)