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A Fresno man is suing Saint Agnes Medical Center after he went in for a heart procedure and ended up losing three of his limbs.

Keith Rickelman, 62, an avid runner, bicyclist and hiker, suffered a heart attack May 7 and was admitted into the hospital for treatment. Doctors determined the Fresno lawyer needed one of his heart valves replaced, according to the suit.

As part of his treatment, Rickelman was given Heparin, a blood thinner used to reduce the potential for blood clots. And that’s when the problems began, said attorney Warren Paboojian, Rickelman’s attorney.

Paboojian said his client is suing the hospital for medical malpractice, alleging the doctors and medical staff did not properly monitor Rickelman’s blood platelet levels, which plummeted dangerously low after he was given Heparin.

“His blood starts to clot and he begins to experience tingling and a loss of sensation in his limbs,” Paboojian said Tuesday. “He stayed on it for a few days and his extremities were deteriorating. His toes were turning black and blue.”


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